Top 10 Custom Rims

Here is the Top 10 Baddest Custom Rims. From platinum and gold custom rims to famous roulettes in Las Vegas. You didn’t even know that rims can be so customized. You can tune your car exactly the same, but only if you have enough money. Who wouldn’t want 28″ gold rims on a Hummer.

1. Unique roulette wheel rims and if you’re not swayed by the black and red numbers around the outer edge, maybe the Louis Vuitton leather finish in the middle might sell you.

2. Most famous 3D painted rims

3. 24K Gold Plated Volk Raceing RE30 Rims

4. 1.000.000 $ Diamond Custom Rims

5. 24 Inch Platinum Rims

6. Invisible Rims for Real.

7.  Pimp your ride with Pimpstar LED rims

8. Thug Life painted on Rims

9. 22 Inch Rims Full Customed

10. Unique 20 Inch Rims

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