13 Most Lucky Cars in The World

Even if the number 13 means something bad usually, for these cars is one lucky number.

This is a top of the most beautiful cars in the world made by the Italians. You will observe that for Italians the most important part of a car is the design.

Although the Germans are “specialists” in everything about cars, Italians made this top for the 14 time and it made per classes by artists, architects, fashion designers and some auto designers.

The winners will be awarded on 2007, march 9th on a big ceremony at the “Car Design Day” – Milano, Palazzo Reale.



volvo-c30.jpg volvo-c30-2.jpg volvo-c30-3.jpg

volvo-c30-5.jpg volvo-c30-4.jpg volvo-c30-6.jpg

Volvo C30


volvo-s80-3.jpg volvo-s80-4.jpg volvo-s80-2.jpg

volvo-s80-6.jpg volvo-s80.jpg volvo-s80-5.JPG

Volvo S80

CITADINES: Mini Cooper

mini-cooper-1.jpg mini-cooper-4.jpg mini-cooper-2.jpg

mini-cooper-6.jpg mini-cooper-3.jpg mini-cooper-5.jpg

Mini Cooper

SALOON: Bentley Continental GTC

bentley-continental-gtc.jpg bentley-continental-gtc-2.jpg bentley-continental-gtc-3.jpg

bentley-continental-gtc-6.jpg bentley-continental-gtc-5.jpg bentley-continental-gtc-4.jpg

Bentley Continental GTC

COUPE: Mercedes CL

mercedes-cl.jpg mercedes-cl-6.jpg mercedes-cl-4.jpg

mercedes-cl-5.jpg mercedes-cl-3.jpg mercedes-cl-2.jpg

Mercedes CL

COUPE-CABRIO: Volkswagen Eos

volkswagen-eos.jpg volkswagen-eos-5.jpg volkswagen-eos-3.jpg

volkswagen-eos-6.jpg volkswagen-eos-2.jpg volkswagen-eos-4.jpg

Volkswagen Eos

SPIDER: Alfa Romeo Spider

alfa-romeo-spider.jpg alfa-romeo-spider-2.jpg alfa-romeo-spider-3.jpg

alfa-romeo-spider-6.JPG alfa-romeo-spider-4.jpg alfa-romeo-spider-5.jpg

Alfa Romeo Spider

SPORTCARS: Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

ferrari-599-gtb-fiorano.jpg ferrari-599-gtb-fiorano-4.jpg ferrari-599-gtb-fiorano-5.jpg

ferrari-599-gtb-fiorano-2.jpg ferrari-599-gtb-fiorano-6.jpg ferrari-599-gtb-fiorano-3.jpg

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

BREAK: Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon

alfa-romeo-159-sportwagon-6.jpg alfa-romeo-159-sportwagon.jpg alfa-romeo-159-sportwagon-5.jpg

alfa-romeo-159-sportwagon-4.jpg alfa-romeo-159-sportwagon-3.jpg alfa-romeo-159-sportwagon-2.jpg

Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon

MONOVOLUMES: Citroen C4 Picasso

citroen-c4-picasso-6.jpg citroen-c4-picasso-2.jpg citroen-c4-picasso-3.jpg

citroen-c4-picasso-4.jpg citroen-c4-picasso.jpg citroen-c4-picasso-5.jpg

Citroen C4 Picasso

SUV: Audi Q7

audi-q7-5.jpg audi-q7-2.jpg audi-q7-4.jpg

audi-q7.jpg audi-q7-6.jpg audi-q7-3.jpg

Audi Q7

SPECIALS: Studiotorino RK Coupe

studiotorino-rk-coupe-2.jpg studiotorino-rk-coupe.jpg

studiotorino-rk-coupe-5.jpg studiotorino-rk-coupe-4.jpg studiotorino-rk-coupe-3.jpg

Studiotorino RK Coupe

CONCEPTS: Renault Twingo Concept

renault-twingo-concept-5.jpg renault-twingo-concept-6.jpg renault-twingo-concept-4.jpg

renault-twingo-concept-3.jpg renault-twingo-concept-2.jpg renault-twingo-concept.JPG

Renault Twingo Concept

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