ACS3 3.5 Cabrio by AC Schnitzer

The new tuning package ACS3 realized by AC Schnitzer for the BMW 3 Series, in the cabrio variant, includes the following elements:
~ aerodynamic kit made by front spoiler, lateral doorsteps and back spoiler;
~ AC Schnitzer silver rims, “Type IV” or “Type IV BiColor”;
~ AC Schnitzer evacuation with two chrome exhaust pipes with “Racing” terminations;
~ “performance kit” – is still in tests for the 335i engine (they didn’t announced yet the power rises); it is available for the 330d engine, under the name “Power-Plus pack”, which rise the power from 231 to 265 hp;
~ suspension with “Racing” technology, which is also in tests.
ACS3 3.5 Cabrio by AC Schnitzer

acs3-35-cabrio-by-ac-schnitzer.jpg acs3-35-cabrio-by-ac-schnitzer_2.jpg acs3-35-cabrio-by-ac-schnitzer_3.jpg acs3-35-cabrio-by-ac-schnitzer_4.jpg acs3-35-cabrio-by-ac-schnitzer_5.jpg acs3-35-cabrio-by-ac-schnitzer_6.jpg
ACS3 3.5 Cabrio by AC Schnitzer

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