Alfa Romeo 147 GTA SuperSport by Autodelta

Jano Djelalian, the starter of the British tuning company, Autodelta transformed an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA in a real sport car. The 3.2 liter V6 engine, with 250 hp was replaced by a bigger one ant the propeller electronics was change, being add a Rotrex C38-81 compressor. The result is a “monster” with the same weight, but with 422 hp, which is also different than the other models by its new grille, protection bar and two double exhaust pipes.

alfa-romeo-autodelta-supersport.jpg alfa-romeo-autodelta-supersport_2.jpg alfa-romeo-autodelta-supersport_3.jpg alfa-romeo-autodelta-supersport_4.jpg alfa-romeo-autodelta-supersport_5.jpg alfa-romeo-autodelta-supersport_6.jpg alfa-romeo-autodelta-supersport_7.jpg alfa-romeo-autodelta-supersport_8.jpg
Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Autodelta SuperSport

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