Amazing Unveiling-The New Land Rover DC100 Sport

We must happily admit that this year edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show was full of surprises and good news. For instance, the unveiling of the new Land Rover DC100 Sport that amazed many of us. This model is one of the two concepts Land Rover manufacturer declared to be ready until 2015 and we could easily conclude that at least this one is going to have more and more buyers. The feedback concerning the two models was totally positive and it is definitely going to have a huge impact.


The design of the new Land Rover DC100 Sport is quite appealing giving you the air of feeling free and ready to hit the road anytime of the day or night. Comparing it with the silver three door 4X4 DC100 demonstrating ‘capability and versatility’, the DC100 Sport is an open-air pick-up version. The colour is quite warm and suits everybody, at least in my opinion because it is a bright yellow-orange.

Both models own 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines driving all four wheels through a stop/start-equipped eight-speed automatic, but he DC100 has a diesel engine and the DC100 Sport has a petrol engine.


Also, in both cases you will benefit from a new automatic terrain response system that automatically sets all the driver assist systems sensing the wheel travel, wheelslip, the texture of the ground and a sonar depth-sounder for driving through rivers. The car seems to represent quite a good investment that is going to make our holidays both memorable and adventurous but, also safe.


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