Audi releases A5 and S5

All of us know these cars from photos all over the Web but recently Audi presented the two cars at the Geneva Motor Show.The A5 is powered by a 3.2 liter V6 all new and full with steroids so the engine developes over 265 BHP that will help the coupe to reach 60 MPH in 6.1 seconds.
Audi A5
audi_a5_3.jpg audi_a5_2.jpg
Audi A5
The standard wheels are 17 inch, the audio system is extremly perdormant, but the car is full with electronic gadgets to make the driver and passengers life easy(automatically opening trunk lid, CD player, rearview camera, keyless engine start and others).
Audi A5
The S5 is a more powerfull with its 4.2 liter engine and 354 BHP conected to a six gear manual transmision.This wil be tha race version of the A5 cuope and it will be recognized by the 18 inch wheels, sport suspension, crome ornaments and its agresive look.
Audi S5
audi_s5_2.jpg audi_s5_1.jpg
Audi S5
Both cars are available for order in March this year.

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