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Let’s talk about car covers. I bet everyone is frustrated about washing their car over and over again. Sometimes a simple car cover would solve the problem. No dust on your car, no bird droppings and no scratches.
I’ve recently found out about Car Cover World, a company that makes custom car covers. I was pleased to find out that they have a vast experience and that they have made car covers for vehicles from Hondas to Lamborghinis.
I didn’t even know there are so many types of car covers. Some are better against rain, some against dust, some behave better under the sun, and some offer total protection against all possible problems. If you browse their car covers catalog you’ll find CoverCraft and Coverking car covers, so I’d say you’ll find the best there is.


For the tuning enthusiasts, customization is available. So it doesn’t matter if your car has a body kit, wings or other addons, they can make a special design just for your car. So far, they have about 45,000 custom patterns in their library so basically any car will find its perfect cover here.
And if this is not enough, I must add that active duty military personnel has a 5% discount, they donate $3.00 from every order and they are a member of SEMA (The Specialty Equipment Market Association).
What are you waiting for, go get your car cover now.

This has been a paid review, but has not influenced my opinion in any way.

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