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SF Cars

Interesting video presenting some SF models, cars from the future.

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Hazzard Drifting Car

Very dangerous drifting in snow!

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Superfast Terrain

Amazing super fast Terrain!

The tires seems to have extra deep tread, so they act like paddles on water and rough terrain like gravel. I think they can race this (or maybe they already did) against a jet-ski.

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4X4 Goes Up

I think it is a Ford Bronco, or maybe a Blazer the car in the video. It seems that he couldn’t handle the car brakes and it became one with the ground! I hope everything it’s cool now, for the driver!

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On 2 Wheels

Amazing run on 2 wheels! Hope this guys wear their seat belts! 🙂

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Toyota Supra Hybrid presentation

Toyota is this year big winner of TOKACHI 24 h race from Japan. I bet that whey they presented this model, they didn’t knew what a big success it will be! Let’s face it, the Tokachi 24 hour race is a semi international around the clock race!

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