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Awful parking

When I’ve seen this video for the first time, I stayed a little bit, and than I said to me: “I have to watch it again!”

Watching it one more time makes me put serious questions concerning the authenticity of this material. I’m still under a big question mark. So, only you can make clear if this video is fake or real. Waiting for the answer… And, it’s that worse for a women to get out “safely” from a parking?!?

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Amazing bus

I bet that you haven’t seen such an amazing bus! Just enjoy this crazy bus video!

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Audi TT speedster video

This is a very short video (29 seconds) showing you how beautiful it is the new 300 bhp Audi TT speedster and convincing you (if I didn’t succeed with my previous article) that this is an amazing coupe!

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Lotus 2 Eleven video

After I’ve presented you a small description of Lotus 2 Eleven, you surely want to see this Fifth Gear video! Have fun!

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Dancing car

Super cool car! Good video!

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Unbelievable car chase!

Just watch the video and tell me your opinion!

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