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Top Gear- Porsche Carrera GT

This is the most exciting, the best looking, the most expensive and the fastest road going Porsche ever made. It’s called the Carrera GT. And Jeremy Clarkson it’s presenting it from a German point of view. Watch the video and you will find out what he discovered.

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Top Gear- Bugatti Veyron Top Speed

The Bugatti Veyron is back! Last year, Top Gear was presenting Bugatti Veyron as a real challenge. Jeremy Clarkson announced that this car can reach an incredible speed and on public road he had to pass over speed limit. But today, they are not going to talk about it; they are going to do it!
In this video they are taking the fastest production car to its top speed limit. And that limit is 253 mph, more than a Formula 1 car. And if you think that this car has: airbag, air conditioning system, sound system, and many more makes you realize what incredible car it is!
I like how it says: “No wonder Michael Schumacher retired. He’s slower than me!”
Incredible! That’s the only word I can say after I’ve watched the video!

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What happen when you’re knocked by the train?

Although we all are tented to say that young people don’t know how to drive and that they surely will have many accident, statistics prove we’re wrong! It seems that old people have more accidents, by not paying attention on signal signs or signposts.
That’s why Top Gear presents exactly what’s happening with a car knocked by a train.

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Top Gear- Carver

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Driving on water

If you think that driving on water is impossible… watch the video and convince yourself! For Top Gear team nothing is impossible!

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Top Gear- Shelby Mustang

Great video from Top Gear presenting the great Shelby Mustang!

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