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Top Gear- Aston Martin DBR9

Aston Martin DBR9

Clarkson and all Top Gear family presents you the new Aston Martin DBR9 in 2007 show.

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Top Gear- Audi TT, Alpha Romeo Brera, Mazda RX8

Top Gear is presenting: Audi TT 2007, Alpha Romeo Brera 2007, Mazda RX8 2006.
I vote for Audi? You?

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Race by the Universe by Top Gear

Who is faster in a Honda Civic: a Cyberman, or Darth Vader? 🙂

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Jeremy Clarkson Destroys a Lada

This Lada is an old Fiat. They were available in Canada in the 70/80. They were fun to drive, but pretty cheap. But the Top Gear video, made by Jeremy Clarkson is very funny. The funniest thing is that he puts a bag on his head! Enjoy! 🙂

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Clarkson says NO to USA

It seems that Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) is much attached of the UK, so he refused to go to USA, although BBC had big plans to make an American series of Top Gear. The Americans wanted to make all 3 Top Gears presenters big stars, but Clarkson decided that he don’t want to live away from the UK, because he don’t want to leave his wife and children behind so long.

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Top Gear- Flying Car

Look to learn how you can make your car to fly!

P.S: Kids, don’t try this at home! 🙂

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