Daihatsu Engine Specifications


• Type: 1295cc EFI OHC 16-valve 4-cyl
• Power: 70kW @ 6500rpm
• Torque: 108Nm @ 5000rpm
• Gearboxes: FWD 5sp and 3sp auto
• Source: 1989 Charade SR, same as Aust 1.3i engine


• Type: 659cc EFI DOHC 12-valve 3-cyl turbo
• Power: 47kW @ 6500rpm
• Torque: 105Nm @ 4000rpm
• Gearboxes: FWD and 4WD 5sp and 4sp auto
• Source: 96-97 Mira TR-XX



• Type: 659cc EFI OHC 3-cyl turbo
• Power: 47kW @ 7500rpm
• Torque: 92Nm @ 4000rpm
• Gearboxes: FWD 5sp and 4sp auto, 4WD 4sp auto
• Source: 89-92 Mira TR-XX

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• Type: 993cc carbureted OHC 6-valve 3-cyl turbo
• Power: 60kW @ 5500rpm
• Torque: 118Nm @ 3500rpm
• Gearboxes: FWD 5sp
• Source: 83-84 Charade Turbo

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• Type: 993cc EFI DOHC 12-valve 3-cyl turbo
• Power: 78kW @ 6500rpm
• Torque: 130Nm @ 3500rpm
• Gearboxes: FWD 5sp
• Source: 1989 Charade GTxx, 1991-on Charade GTti

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