Dodge Nitro

For the beginning you have to know something- Dodge Nitro is not a simple SUV! It has almost the same dimensions as Land Rover Freelander and is addressed to all “macho man”. So, if you feel this way… feel free to buy it!

Dodge Nitro


The masculine aspect is because of its huge grating, remarkable highlights and it’s high laterally line. The wheels are pushed to the extremity and can be endowed with 20 inch rims.

dodge-nitro_3.jpg dodge-nitro_5.JPG dodge-nitro_2.jpg

Fortunately, the aspect is not the only good thing about this Dodge. Functionality is also at the best level. Interior space is big and comfortable for al 5 passengers and the boot is spacious. Nitro is not afraid of a little “movement”, the R/T model combining in a beautiful way the experience of SUV concept with sportsmanship of a compact car. There are 2 engines available: 3.7 and 4.0 litres, both V6 working with gas. First develops 210 hp, being great propulsion. The second is bigger in Cc and has a higher power, too. Expect for the diesel version 2.8 litres, V6. I think that is better for the Europeans, isn’t it right?

dodge-nitro.jpg dodge-nitro_6.jpg dodge-nitro_7.jpg

Dodge Nitro

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