F2007 Formula 1 Car

F2007 Formula 1 Car
The car was unveiled at Mugello and the car is build specifically to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship.
F2007 Formula 1 Car
The F1 was significantly modified since last year, a new front suspension was instaled on the car to improve handling and aerodynamics. The combustion chamber, the valves, the inlet and exhaust chambers, all aimed at optimising the torque curve, given the engine rev limit of 19,000 rpm, the piston, the piston pin and the piston cooling jets to aim for the best possible reliability when running at the limit of 19,000 rpm, the fluid systems (water and oil) and components to facilitate the integration of the 056 into the new car.
F2007 Formula 1 Car
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F2007 Formula 1 Car
Ferrari just knows that the car will prove to be a succes.

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