Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Ssangyong Wz

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2007 gave us the chance to admire first (in my opinion) Ssangyong which is really beautiful. Let me introduce you the Ssangyong Wz.
Ssangyong Wz wants to be first sporty sedan of the mark, being apart from the 4×4, as a company brand.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Ssangyong Wz

The body line is very nice, the front size has a nice aggressively look, but the back is not that impressive. Maybe this is the reason why they have wanted a partnership with SAIC, the Chinese producer which has the rights over Rover mark. From it, Ssangyong wants to buy 5 engines and also 5 platforms and after these another 30 new models. We don’t know if after Rodius and Actyon we want more than 20 model, possible similar to these 2. But, we have to admit that they have a big plan.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Ssangyong Wz

The prototype is 5 m long and the weight is around 2 tones. So, the V6 bi-turbo propeller, of 3,600 cmc and 360 hp is too small. But, the Koreans show any other impressive accessories for comfort and safety, as: pneumatic suspension, integral traction, etc.
Although I see the Ssangyong that they are too optimistic, I will not disagree with them, because, let’s face it, 10 years ago, Hyundai and KIA were nobody, and now they are big sellers. So, good luck Ssangyong!

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