General Motors Cadillac STS 2008 Interior

GM released some images of the interior of the future 2008 Cadillac STS. Altough the American manufacturers suffer from a lack of imagination, this is not the case with the new Cadillac STS. GM tried to be as innovative as it can be. This generation of buttons and dashboard components have the nickname “black tie” because they are elegant and they go with anything. I’ll just let the pictures of the Cadillac STS interior to talk for themselves.

General Motors Cadillac STS 2008 Interior
gm_cadillac_sts_interior_2008_1.jpg gm_cadillac_sts_interior_2008_2.jpg gm_cadillac_sts_interior_2008_3.jpg gm_cadillac_sts_interior_2008_4.jpg gm_cadillac_sts_interior_2008_5.jpg gm_cadillac_sts_interior_2008_6.jpg gm_cadillac_sts_interior_2008_7.jpg
General Motors Cadillac STS 2008 Interior

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  1. Used Cars Said,

    February 17, 2007 @ 5:25 am

    Very impressive! The interior is 50% of the aesthetic appeal. Great pictures!

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