Hamann tunes a Ferrari 599 GTB

Ferrari 599 GTB HAMANN
Ferrari 599 GTB HAMANN
Hamman managed to tune the Ferrari 599 GTB so the car now has 673 BHP.This amount of power is produce by the Ferrari’s 6 l V12 petrol engine with Hamann’s high-performance sports header and racing catalytic converters.
Ferrari 599 GTB HAMANN
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Ferrari 599 GTB HAMANN
Hamann anounced the car to be the King of the Road and it can easily be recognized by the distinctive sound produced by the sports rear muffler with 90 mm tailpipes both right and left.
Ferrari 599 GTB HAMANN
The aerodynamics are improved by using fiber glass or Carbon-Kevlar components but doesn’t disrupt the original design.Big wheels are available for the tuned Ferrari 21 inches front and rear, of course Hamann’s “Edition Race” wheels.
Ferrari 599 GTB HAMANN

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