Mazda Takeri Concept 2011-Gallery

Images of its Takeri concept car 2011 have finally been made public. The Takeri, translated as “soul of motion” reveals some details about the possible styling of the upcoming Mazda 6 range, expected in 2012.


Voluptuous curves augmenting the bodywork while the nose resembles that of a recent Mercedes concept are only a few of this car’s features and characteristics that are definitely going to appeal to car fans from all over the world.

You should know that our car is also going to use the Mazda’s SkyActiv Technology, including its regenerative breaking system, that aims to reduce fuel consumption. The kinetic energy is converted into electricity during deceleration, which makes our car eco-friendly and more attractive.


Due to these new features, you are definitely going to save money in order to have such a car waiting for you in your personal garage. Here are also a few photos to help you really visualize the wonderful model.

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