Mercedes 4Matic- Full luxury

Mercedes brought in Paris the new 4×4 version for S-Klasse, called 4Matic. Developed from zero, the system is made of a central differential which splits the torque between front and back in a proportion of 45% and 55%.

Mercedes 4Matic- Full luxury


mercedes-s-klasse-4matic_9.JPG mercedes-s-klasse-4matic_8.JPG mercedes-s-klasse-4matic_7.JPG

Fully assisted by ESP, ASR and 4 ETS, Mercedes 4Matic will dominate its rivals in any circumstances. This system will be available on S500, S450 and in premiere on the diesel version- S320 CDi.

mercedes-s-klasse-4matic_6.JPG mercedes-s-klasse-4matic_5.JPG

mercedes-s-klasse-4matic_4.JPG mercedes-s-klasse-4matic_3.JPG mercedes-s-klasse-4matic_2.JPG

Mercedes 4Matic- Full luxury

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