New Mercedes CLC

Mercedes has finally showed pictures with the newest coupe from its models, the one based on C-Klasse, named CLC. After the teaser presented few weeks ago, Mercedes offered pictures with its completely new coupe, the most accessible from the series.
Named CLC, according to the new politics of choosing names on Mercedes, that say that every coupe must start with “CL”, the model wants to be a dynamic version for C-Klasse.
The front designs don’t offer many changes, because we already know the “C”, but the back is completely new. Big lights, moved on wings, too are a perfect match for the coupe; but it is a shame that Mercedes didn’t offered a special design, because everything looks to traditional. Maybe this is the only bad thing about this model.

Mercedes CLC

Another good looking element for CLC is the third brake light, formed by LEDs and integrated in the rear boot.
The smallest engine available on CLC is a gas one that develops 122 hp and the much powerful one is a V6 of 272 hp.
There are also available CDI engines. CLC200 consumes something between 5.8 and 6.1 l/100 km that mean that you can make over 1,000 km with one full gas tank, because the tank has a 62 liters capacity.

mercedes-clc.jpg mercedes-clc_2.jpg
Mercedes CLC

For all versions, Mercedes offers a standard 6 speed manual gear box, but for the 4 cylinders versions you can pick one 5 speed automatic gear box and for V6, the 7G-Tronic gear box.
CLC is a very important model for Mercedes and we can see it by watching the old SportCoupe sells.

mercedes-clc_3.jpg mercedes-clc_4.jpg
Mercedes CLC

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