News About The New Toyota Prius C

It is known that the unveiling of the new Toyota Prius C took place in July at the Australian Motor Show. A few days ago, images of the vehicle in production were spotted in a Japanese magazine. The new compact MPV style Prius, rumoured to be called Aqua seems to be both the smallest and the cheaper member of the Priius family, model that is due to be officially launched next year, in 2012. There are obviously some characteristics that are going to make this model special. For instance, a more rounded front end with a curvy front bumper, vertical corner spotlight clusters and an all-new headlight design. The production model also loses a lot of the angular, sporty and futuristic style of the concept and also appears skinnier than the original concept version revealed. But if we want certainty, we will have to be patient and wait for the official launch.

A 1.4-litre petrol engine producing 54kW of power and 111Nm of torque, linked to an electric motor producing 45kW of power and 169Nm of torque are also main features of the new Prius model.

It seems that Tokyo Motor Show is going to be the official host, in December and it also looks like the citizens from Japan and US are going to be the first people able to buy the car.

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