One million km with Skoda Octavia

A Romanian managed to stay more in the car than at home. We not hear too often the records of millions kilometers with a single car and a single owner. Here are, but as there are people who lead very much and have “courage” to keep the same car even when they reach one hundred thousand km.
A Romanian succeeded to make 1,000,000 km with a Skoda Octavia Tour, the car was bought 4 years now. Those from Porsche Romania say that the car did not need, throughout this journey, any major intervention, where we concluded that the engine and transmission were not repaired during this capital of one million kilometers.

One million km with Skoda Octavia

The car is a Skoda Octavia Tour, with the TDI engine 90 HP. Among the equipment included machine: heavy package of roads (I passed the first because “it seems” very important for this distance, although probably not a car operated only in Romania), ABS, ESP, cruise control, etc.
Skoda importer in Romania began a campaign to promote the event and launched the site On this site are more about the car and a few statements of the owner.
Below you see a picture with the car odometer at 999,999 km, and here you can find more information about other records million km / miles, covered by different machines.

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