Porsche Panamera- spy shots

Porsche is for everyone a multi waited car… it doesn’t matter the time, the cost, the moment! Panamera is one model in development which will be officially presented at 2009 Geneva Motor Show. So, until its presentation, Porsche can do a great job with the Panamera.


The new model follows 911 aspect and will have a 3.5 liter V6 engine, with 300 bhp (or maybe more), a direct injection 4.5 liter V8, with 350-400 bhp and a twin turbo version with 560 bhp. The model will be a 4 door model and will compete with rivals like: Mercedes Benz CLS, Aston Martin and BMW. Can’t wait for its appearance!

porsche-panamera.jpg porsche-panamera-_2.jpg porsche-panamera-_3.jpg porsche-panamera-_4.jpg porsche-panamera-_5.jpg porsche-panamera-_6.jpg

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