Rouch gives Ford Mustang GT500, 700 Horsepower

Roush, the popular tuner for Ford, brings to our attention 3 new kits for the Mustang GT500.
The first tuning kit, and the weaker one, gives the Mustang about 45 more horsepower with the aid of the Cold Air kit.

The middle kit, a 2.3 liter one, adds 120 horsepower and 88-lb.-ft. torque. The top of the line tuning kit, gives the Ford no less than 200 more horsepower, bringing the GT500 to a total of 700 horsepower.

Rouch gives Ford Mustang GT500, 700 Horsepower
Rouch gives Ford Mustang GT500, 700 Horsepower

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  1. Sean Green Said,

    June 26, 2007 @ 10:38 am

    that is a lush car. It is my favorite car, i would love to drive that round a track

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