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Toyota A-BAT Concept

Toyota A-BAT Concept is a great compact pickup truck that combines a cab forward design with a rugged and bold style inspired by military vehicles with a roomy and versatile interior.
Designers from Toyota declared that they were inspired by the look of a NATO all-terrain military truck when they drew this fantastic concept and the Prius’ ‘trapezoid’ silhouette was a starting point for the bold new design.
This model will probably run on a four cylinder gas engine with Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive.
Or maybe the A-BAT name comes from “Batman”. What do you think?

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Motorcity Europe MC1 Supercar

The British company is preparing a supercar that was kept in secret, until now.
It seems that all started with the ambitious of a design studio manager, the Motorcity Europe which wanted to show that it doesn’t need big amount to create a real exotic supercar.
So, the Motorcity’s project, called MC1 started in just 3 months.
We are talking about the design, because they still work on the technical part.
Anyway, the design is more than impressive, it really make you turn around to see it again.
The body will be made of carbon fiber, the doors are opening in “scissors” mode and the engine will probably be a V10, central mounted. We have to wait to see what propeller will be, because I don’t think that will be developed by Motorcity.

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Hummer HX concept

Hummer is proudly boasting that that HX concept is smaller than the new to our shores H3 model but at 81 inches wide, the go-anywhere HX would still find itself stymied by urban width-restrictors.
The HX features a number of removable or changeable body panels to increase both its off-road ability and practicality.
Motive power is provided by an upturned steam iron by the looks of the underbonnet photo but apparently that’s actually a 3.6-litre V6 engine designed to run on E85 bioethanol and driving all four wheels.
The interior is aircraft inspired, featuring exposed aluminium spars, drilled for lightness, supporting the seats and a hefty crossbeam supporting the instrument cluster.
Amazing look and power, don’t you think?

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The car made of beer cans

Amazing car made of 5,000 cans of Budweiser


After a female student knitted her own Ferrari, an American student, Jack Kirby created his beer can car! He created a genuine classic Mustang and for this he spent a month crafting this recycled replica.
Kirby declared: “I love Mustangs, and when I heard that Budweiser was putting one up for auction I didn’t want to miss out. I’ve got everything crossed that I win, but if I don’t, I have the next best thing- an exact replica built from Budweiser cans!”
The moral: It’s better to build your own dream, than waiting to win it!

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The New Look for Bugatti

The Bugatti engineers are working at a new model, but they don’t want to tell more information about the performance and look.
Bugatti Veyron is one of the most appreciated and expensive car in the world, but its production won’t last longer. The constructor told that Veyron will be produce in 300 more pieces and in the last time were some rumors that Bugatti is searching for ideas for a better car. Until Bugatti will offer some images with their new model, a young designer from Malta designed a car like he thought it should look, a version with four seats, engine in the front and rear traction. The project was called “Streamliner” and you can admire it in our photo gallery. Do you like it?

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General Motors Cadillac STS 2008 Interior

GM released some images of the interior of the future 2008 Cadillac STS. Altough the American manufacturers suffer from a lack of imagination, this is not the case with the new Cadillac STS. GM tried to be as innovative as it can be. This generation of buttons and dashboard components have the nickname “black tie” because they are elegant and they go with anything. I’ll just let the pictures of the Cadillac STS interior to talk for themselves.

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