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Drive test with BMW 335d Coupé

Model: BMW 335d Coupé
Bodystyle: Coupé
Engine: 3.0 twin-turbo straight-six
Fuel: diesel
Transmission: 6-speed automatic

Drive test with BMW 335d Coupé


BMW 335d is the best model in the expanding 3 Series coupe range.

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Bavarian engines

Bavarian producers go ahead with what they know to do very well, and that is 6 cylinders in line engines.

Bavarian engines


335i_engine3.jpg 335i_engine.jpg

This time they’ve launched 3 engines from 3 series: 335i, 325d and 335d. 335i is very well known for the coming back of turbo aggregates at 306 hp and 400 Nm.

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BMW 3-Series Coupe

BMW 3 Series is the most desirable new car in the UK today. Don’t you think the same? I can wait to see any responses.


More than any other model, 3 Series is a hugely impressive all-rounder. BMW 3 Series has a unique look, very distinct comparing with its saloon relatives. Its engine starts with a 2.0 liter petrol unit, with a diesel certain to follow soon. 3 Series it’s surely rising up through the traditional BMW 330 and 325 steps to bigger 335i and 335d models.

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