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A Digg Hummer on My Street

I was walking on the street with my Canon A620 and I saw it. A big yellow hummer…
Not only he was yellow but also on the left door (right door how you look at the picture) I noticed the digg badge.

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Hummer H2 SUT

Hummer H2 SUT is very secure and it is full of good surprises. In this car, you can close your eyes and feel the road. A very aggressive design, an off-road car, the SUT handles it all! Hummer H2 SUT makes claming like a slow walk in a park. Nice! 🙂

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GM invests $73 million in Hummer H3T

General Motors announced that will invest $73 million for developing the new model from Hummer family, called H3T.
H3T it’s a light lorry, with generous charging space, not just a SUV with a bigger boot. Production will start until the end of the year, and the selling will be, earlier in SUA in 2008 autumn.
H3T will be longer than H3 SUV, and the cabin will have 4 doors, instead of 2, as it was presented, as a concept in 2004.
Hummer will launch in the next future an off-road compact model, which will compete against Jeep Wrangler.

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Hummer H2- Santa’s new carriage

santas-hummer-h2_2.jpg santas-hummer-h2_3.jpg santas-hummer-h2_4.jpg santas-hummer-h2_5.jpg
If you only read the title, you will think “Yeah, sure! Very funny!”. But, this is real! Look down to see and be amazed! 🙂 Santa will bring you whatever you want for Christmas in a 320 hp Hummer H2. The time of wooden running carriage has passed, because now Santa has adopted a new style and a new car. And this beautiful car is decorated with 250 LED lights, just like a Christmas tree. And that is not enough! This Hummer has wing doors! This power (320 hp) is not enough, Hummer drawing extra power from Geiger Cars, being a made trailer with a snowmobile. The interior is filled with 3800 Watt sound system, LCD TV, DVD, integrated thermal cans, a red leather sofa, an electrical fireplace and many other interesting things. Don’t you love this new Santa carriage?!?
santas-hummer-h2.jpg santas-hummer-h2_6.jpg santas-hummer-h2_7.jpg santas-hummer-h2_8.jpg santas-hummer-h2_9.jpg santas-hummer-h2_12.jpg santas-hummer-h2_11.jpg santas-hummer-h2_10.jpg
Santa’s Hummer H2

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Hummer H2 advertising

Hummer H2 (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite car) … like nothing else! Great advertising. I love the video, because is a great compilation with many colors for Hummer H2. It’s short and presents everything it wants: strength, performance, power, aspect, etc. I let you to continue the list…

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Hummer H3 – video

Watch this video to see all details about 2006 Hummer H3. I think it’s a very interesting car with many performances. And let’s not forget about its resistance and strength. Enjoy watching this video!

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