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Mazda Taiki

Mazda Taiki is a sport car which visually expresses the atmosphere, called “taiki” in Japanese that offers to the environment a lot of protection.
The concept is giving a front engine rear- wheel drive layout and the feeling of an all-glass canopy. The Mazda Taiki made its debut appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show. The fourth concept car in the Nagare design theme series, Taiki continues the evolution from the Mazda Nagare, Mazda Ryuga, and Mazda Hakaze.
The creation of an amazing design that visually expresses the flow of air was inspired by the image of a pair of Hagoromo. Sourceare the flowing robes, from a Japanese legend, that can enable a celestial maiden to fly.

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642bhp Porsche Carrera GT

I think this car is the ultimate vision of Porsche’s limited edition Supercar, because Gemballa plans to sell only 25 pieces of this amazing Carrera GT.
The black paint represents the mystery and, in the same time the luxury this German car is offering. But, the interior and the exterior can be personalized by Gemballa for every customer preferences.
The new Porsche Carrera GT has extra air intakes on the front end, extra cooling for the engine and new side skirts. Gemballa is offering for this car a 603 bhp engine and 435 lb/ft, but what is more impressive, that the tuner is working at an 800 bhp upgrade.

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The final frontier: Aptera EV/Hybrid

People, prepare yourself to meet the future!
The final frontier is coming with the pod-racer EV by Aptera. This futuristic car is fairly conventional for an electric vehicle, strange by its look and tri-wheel configuration. Aptera will come in two powerplants: a Volt style hybrid with fuel efficient gas engine, which is supplementing the electric engine, for a far greater range and another all-electric engine, powered by battery, rechargeable at home, and ready to go for about 120 miles.

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Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Top 10 Concepts


1. Citroen C5 Airscape Concept

The French designer created C5 Airscape as a gorgeous cabriolet, that looks like a very expensive model and offer the taste of a future production car.

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Chevrolet HHR

The concept of the HHR was based on “comfort”.
How can we get a more comfortable driving experience, in a shorter package, a compact car? And the primer idea was to create a higher seating position, more like a dining room chair. With a higher seating position is easier for the driver to get in and out from the vehicle. Of course you can see down the road further, with a higher driving position and it is a much comfortable driving. And the look is amazing!

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