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BMW M3 Race Edition

There is a full list of the new BMW M3 Race Edition features.
Type: Eight cylinder, V-configuration
Capacity: 3999 cc
Bore x stroke: 92 x 75.2 mm/3.62 x 2.96 in.
Max. output: approx. 485 bhp
Max. torque: approx. 368 lb-ft/500 Nm
Cylinder block: Aluminum cylinder block construction with bed plate lower section
Crankshaft: Steel crankshaft
Pistons: Forged skirt pistons
Conrods: High-performance steel
Cylinder head: Aluminum DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft); four valves per cylinder
Valve train: Four overhead chain-driven camshafts, valve actuation via rocker arms
Intake system: Eight throttle valves, made of CRP with load-charge optimized ram tubes
Exhaust system: Headers, mufflers
Fuel system: Single cylinder multi-point injection
Lubrication: Dry sump lubrication
Cooling: Water/air cooler and oil/water heat exchanger

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Volkswagen Beetle Review

No one could have predicted the rise of the Volkswagen Beetle.
The car needed to be powerful, nearly indestructible but most of all, affordable.
The result was unlike anything that had ever been produced before. If you had two spanners, an adjustable wrench and two screwdrivers, most of the car could be taken apart and stacked away within a day. Powerful enough to climb large hills with a full luggage load, yet efficient enough to cruise the autobahns for hours without a pause, the Beetle soon became the mode of transport in 1940s Germany. The Beetle as we know it nearly disappeared after the war due to the destruction of the factory by Allied bombers, but English Army Major Ivan Hurst kept the production lines rolling and kept the dream alive.

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A1GP drag races a Boeing 777

An A1GP race car recently took on a Boeing 777-200ER at the Auckland International Airport and the results were quite even to say the least.
The showdown took place on the runway at Auckland International Airport between Kiwi racer Jonny Reid and Air New Zealand pilot Dave Morgan as a publicity event to promote the A1GP races in Taupo, New Zealand this coming weekend.

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Hummer HX concept

Hummer is proudly boasting that that HX concept is smaller than the new to our shores H3 model but at 81 inches wide, the go-anywhere HX would still find itself stymied by urban width-restrictors.
The HX features a number of removable or changeable body panels to increase both its off-road ability and practicality.
Motive power is provided by an upturned steam iron by the looks of the underbonnet photo but apparently that’s actually a 3.6-litre V6 engine designed to run on E85 bioethanol and driving all four wheels.
The interior is aircraft inspired, featuring exposed aluminium spars, drilled for lightness, supporting the seats and a hefty crossbeam supporting the instrument cluster.
Amazing look and power, don’t you think?

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TOP 8 Cars of The Future

Who doesn’t want to take a look at the future?
I surely do want to see how the future vehicle will look at. And names as: Toyota, Mercedes, Volkswagen, etc. will be transformed radically in brand new vehicles, vehicles that will fly, vehicles that will work on water, streets and in the air.
Here is a list of the most incredible prototype cars of the future, specially designed for the competition of car-design in 2057.
I bet you are going to love the future models. Which one is your favorite?

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Tesla Roadster with temporary transmissions

Tesla Roadster should be launched before the end of the year.
But it looks like the launch of the wicked-fast electric car will be postponed because the company is having some problems finding a transmission strong enough to handle gear shifts while the car runs at full torque.
In the meantime, the company is considering providing vehicles that feature “temporary” transmissions.
There is already one model built right now, but that one has been built for company chairman Elon Musk and Tesla is currently undecided whether to ship cars with the temporary units and then to replace them when a final transmission becomes available. I’m quite sure that a lot of people would buy this car no matter what transmission will it outfitted with.

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