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Peugeot 107

Shown at the Brussels Motor Show, Peugeot’s new 2012 107has been given a facelift that brings it in line with Peugeot’s new aesthetic. It seems that the new model is the first major change to the Franco-Japanese city triplets for the 107 that was jointly developed with Citroen and Toyota.

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Honda- New engines

After it had its debut on Honda Civic, the new 1.8 litre propeller, with 140 hp it is put on FR-V, replacing 1.7 and 2.0 litre propulsion. This replacement can be also called a “facelift” and can be recognized after its small changes brought to car’s body (grating, headlights, handles).

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2008 Cadillac CTS with a 2.9 liter diesel

2008 Cadillac CTS has a 2.9 liter diesel
2008 Cadillac CTS with a 2.9 liter diesel
With its excellent low-end torque and its high power output, it is a great fit with Cadillac’s performance-oriented brand character, as a powerful American car. It’s a new 2.9 diesel engine which produces 250 BHP.The car equiped with this new diesel engine will be sold in Europe and its presented at Geneva Motor Show.“The V-6 diesel integrates leading technologies and will deliver outstanding performance, fuel economy and low emissions,” said Roger Johansson, GM Powertain Europe vice president.The engine is turbo charged to boost pressure and with this the torque is of 550 nm starting at 2000 rpm..
2008 Cadillac CTS with a 2.9 liter diesel
The engine block is made of stronger and lighter Compacted Graphite Iron in order to combine performance,weight and fuel economy.
2008 Cadillac CTS with a 2.9 liter diesel

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Daihatsu Engine Specifications


• Type: 1295cc EFI OHC 16-valve 4-cyl
• Power: 70kW @ 6500rpm
• Torque: 108Nm @ 5000rpm
• Gearboxes: FWD 5sp and 3sp auto
• Source: 1989 Charade SR, same as Aust 1.3i engine

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Volkswagen could produce diesel and hybrid engines in the U.S.

The German manufacturer Volkswagen holds a very wide range of engines produced worldwide, starting with a capacity of less than 1l and three cylinders, until V10, V12; compared with the U.S., where only produces engines of 4, 5 or 6 cylinders.
This could cause the company to start production of engines, especially diesel and hybrid at the factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Although the United States will not be the most exotic engine products the group’s VW, the entire range will be available from import.
Decision-building diesel engines and hybrid in this location will certainly be determined by the need to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining performance machines, according to Automotive News.
The second reason for the production of engines at the factory in Tennessee is that in this way, in the long term, not a Volkswagen in May to confront the difference between current U.S. dollars and euros.

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BMW cars for the future

Two graduates from Romanian industrial design, Andrei Avarvarii and Adrian Vasiliu, have presented a project for construction of a sports car BMW Z0 for the next decade working with hydrogen and has zero emissions of CO2, according
Stocks fuels become increasingly smaller, and their prices have risen. Therefore, the two Romanian deemed ideal for their car would be a 1.6 liter engine and 147 kW (200 HP) to work with hydrogen. Internal combustion engine will have zero emissions of CO2, and the model name here Z0.
BMW Z0 having a weight of 450 kg, can reach 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of around 220 km / h.
The two designers say that such a car could appear on the market over 10 years, because the development of hydrogen engines for serial production will take much more.

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