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BMW X3 video

Top gear videos are the greatest! So, I think I must put all of them on this site, because in top gear videos are amazing and presents the “reality” as it is! BMW X3 is presented in many forms as well as it can! So, enjoy all video posted!

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Car tuning video

Amazing tuning models!

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Crash Proof Bumper

I think there are a lot of you who crashed its bumper into a curb, into a tree, into a car, into a edge, etc. So, the solution offered by Lexus is amazing, don’t you think?

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Exotic cars vs. Old Cars

Great pictures which makes the difference between old and exotic cars!

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Incredible chase

Amazing chase video! Everything is possible pressing the red button! Or not!

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700 HP Enzo Ferrari from Edo Competition

Tuner Edo Competition managed to convince V12 engine’s Enzo to deliver more HP.
Even if it seems hard to believe there are owners of cars like the Ferrari Enzo and would like something more than the 660 HP that offers model series. Not necessarily because you must use them too often, but is also an image thing to have a car to be exclusively among them.
And if there is demand, normal for developed and bid. For Ferrari Enzo, Edo Competition is a solution as it may be appropriate if it wants an increase of performances.
Enzo Ferrari by 700 HP from Edo Competition proposes a kit which refers to the technique side of the car. First, V12 engine now develops 700 HP and 715 Nm, with the help of changes in the exhaust gallery, a filtering and changed some elements from the electronic management system. These changes were inspired by the technical part of Ferrari FXX model circuit of the Italians.

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