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Nissan GT-R and BMW M5 Reviewed by Chris Harris

Two totally different vehicles, the new 2012 BMW M5 and Nissan GT-R have been reviewd by Chris Harris. Even if the cars have been desgined for totally different purposes, it makes for excellent entertainment.

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Ford Focus RS – more than 1,000 orders in the UK

Although Ford has not announced detailed specifications of the new Focus RS and has not mentioned anything about prices, the sports fans in WRC, in the UK, have already placed more than 1,000 orders for the new model, which will be on the market at the beginning of the future year.
It appears that about 40% of customers opted for the green that you see in pictures below. This is the color of the car exhibited at Auto Salon in London.
The car looks very much different from the Focus ST and that discreet design makes allusions to the WRC cars, this impression pointing to the large plugs air, aileron, and impressive wheels. It is a design that will attract attention in any environment, and that good design is supported by performance.
The engine is the same on the Focus ST. 5-cylinder, 2.5 liter and surcharge, but as a result of changes suffered from the electronics, admissions, evacuation and turbine develops 300 hp, 225 HP face comes as the ST.

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VW Golf VI without secrets

The German manufacturer has not made public but offers photos and complete information about the sixth generation Golf model.
Design is pretty good and seems more as a model of extensive dealer previously signed by Italian Walter de Silva. The idea of the design was to collect personality and the sport note of all the generations before. They recognize as a source of inspiration came from the Scirocco coupe, and the Touareg – to the taillights.
VW said the car has come in terms of style, to another level and make allusions to the fact that up to the premium segment of the compact class in terms of the quality / price ratio will be one unbeatable.
At the technological level, Golf promises a multitude of systems safety and dynamics. Golf VI has the “DCC Adaptive Chassis Control” which aims to transform the car from a cruiser relaxing in a model with valences sports. It will also be available and the “Park Assist” which runs single parking maneuvers. That besides ESP’s set so as to react finest, but more efficiently.
At the onset, the new Golf will be available with a turbo diesel propeller, the 2-liter with 2 versions of power: 110 HP and 140 HP; average consumption is 4.5 l/100 km, 4.9 km litri/100. However, VW says it will be added two turbo diesel engines: of 90 HP and one 170 HP.

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Ecological Lotus Elise

Model highly appreciated by passionate speed, Elise already has a respectable career. The car whose engine is not anything different with one common front, 1.8 liters, which you can have about any current compact, is handling the word definition, if we could say that.
Elise has a normal engine, taken from Toyota, which delivers 135 HP. Nothing impressive, but that’s not all. The machine is very good for Chapter aerodynamics and especially Chapter weight. Elise weights only 860 kg, and this may explain how the face on the circuit, more supercars with large engines.
But Lotus has prepared a special Elise and May, an ecological model that was “relieved” of 32 kg. It may not sound very much, but this represents about 3.7 percent of initial weight of the car. For this reason it is expected that car to accelerate better than the model “difficult”, which however needs only 6.1 seconds to reach 100 km / h.

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Ferrari thinks hybrid!

The head of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, said the German publication Welt am Sonntag that emissions of polluting machines brand will drop by 40% until 2012, and the cars will be easier and could use and hybrid technologies in the future. “We work in a Ferrari to use alternative sources of energy and will be based on what we do now in Formula 1,” said di Montezemolo. He referred to the KERS system (Kinetic Energy Recycling System), which will be used in Formula 1 in the year. The energy stored by the new technology can be used to improve acceleration or taking the curves.
Montezemolo held to stress that a hybrid Ferrari will not lose anything in the sports specific brand, and the first such hybrid cars will not appear soon for 2015.
To reduce emissions, Italians could choose to go to something smaller engines and more efficient, and the V12 and V8 engines today might be replaced, even partially, V6 engine.

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240 Mph Wooden Supercar

I bet you don’t believe me, but it is true! The car presented in the feature images is really made out of wood: plywood, maple and MDF. It is the creation of designer Joe Harmon, a North Carolina State University student who worked with fellow undergraduate designers to create the world’s first wooden supercar.
Harmon declared: “We aren’t trying to sell anything, we aren’t trying to save the world, and we aren’t advocating that everyone should drive a wooden car. This project is a scholastic endeavour in which we are simply trying to explore materials, learn, teach, share ideas and stimulate creativity.

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