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Volkswagen sales drop down

It seems that Volkswagen sales drop down at 5.9 %, in the United States of America, in September, while the Audi sales are the same.
The German auto group sold 18,891 vehicles, last month. The demand for Passat, Berlin of Break had suffered a decrease of 40 percent, while the Audi demand increased with 0.2 percent, at 8,021 pieces. This increase was sustained by the 4×4, Audi Q7 demand.
Globally speaking, the profit (before paying taxes) obtained by Volkswagen, for the second trimester was of $2.66 milliards.

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KTM X-Bow Supercar


KTM is a newcomer to the 4 wheel ranks, but we all know that it is 2nd largest motorcycle maker and it came to the 2007 Geneva Motor Show with an amazing high tech sport car. The KTM X-Bow is a 2 seat model with mainly carbon fiber chassis and enough grunts for a 4 cylinder FSI direct injection petrol engine from Audi.
The look is impressive and a little bit “scary” with its fantastic black and orange skeletal bodywork. The starting point is at 220 bhp, weights around 700 kg and can reach 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds. But, if you want more power you can ask for it and the wish will be completed!

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BMW 1-Series 3-Door Hatch

Thanks to Chinese portal site, the images above and below of the new BMW 1-Series as a 3-door hatchback, has been exposed with patent/trademark designs. The images represent quite a good example for what we should expect to look like the future BMW.

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Audi A7

Michael Dick, Audi’s Product Development Chief anounced that Audi will produce a four door coupe car.
Audi A7
audi_3.jpg audi_1.jpg audi_2.jpg
Audi A7
The direct rival of the A7 is the Mercedes Benz CLS.The A7 will likely bite the Mercedes’ CLS styling and sportivity.Complete with LED lighting and a pillar-less greenhouse and with a 3.2 liter petrol engine but also a TDI engine will be available and the version of the Quattro system that has the ability to send up to 100-percent of the power to the rear wheels will equipe the coupe.A cabriolet is expected, the A 7 cabriolet.
Audi A7

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Jaguar XJ Black

Car Magazine has snapped some spy shots of Jaguar’s XJ two-tone black gloss limo prototype in Coventry, England.

It’s a metallic grey regular-wheelbase XJ, but with black gloss front bumper assembly and rear valance. The look is quite shocking for a Jaguar and looks almost as if Ian Callum’s designers went overboard with a black gloss spray gun. Under the hood there is a V6 engine.

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2007 Buick Riviera Concept

Buick is not a very successful brand, but it seems that it had a real success story in China.
The brand’s La Crosse and new Holden Statesman-based Park Avenue competes in the chauffeur-driven market with stretch wheelbase Audi A6Ls and BMW 5 Series.

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