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Cool cars

Small video presenting great old and tuning cars as, 1959 Chevrolet El Camino, 1967 Pontiac GTO, Pro Street Z/28, Ferrari Testarossa, Ford Shelby, and many more.

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BMW tuning pictures

The song is for little guys… but the cars are really for BIG BOYS! Enjoy amazing tuned BMW!

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Volkswagen Cars in 2028

How will the future cars look like? It is a question to which each of us, the passionate cars, we thought many times. Automotive evolve and should be somehow to handle as many constraints: low fuel consumption, to find other sources of energy, constant limiting emissions of pollutants, in proportion to use increasingly higher recyclable materials.
It is clear that these constraints will change the way in which a car show, the way in which a driver feels, the way they go and sensations they cause. And yet, until now at least, we can not make a clear idea about what we drive (or will lead us) in the future. There are electric cars, but they do not seem at all prepared to offer – for now – the same advantages as cars with classic propulsion. There are also hybrid cars, but they do not sell, except in very small quantities and are truly less polluting and more economical only on some markets, due to traffic conditions.
Volkswagen tries to imagine how will show cars over 20 years, from now on; or better say the year 2028 cars. The Germans have created a special website, which we propose to imagine us “relationship” that we could have with a car at that time. Volkswagen engineers their pictures interactive car, which “thinks” critical situations, avoids traffic bottlenecks and increases the degree of comfort and accessibility.

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Classic Cars in Cuba

CCC- very funny! Yes, here you can see few classic cars that you can find in Cuba! Or maybe for them these are … supercars! 🙂

classic-cars-in-cuba.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_2.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_3.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_4.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_5.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_6.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_7.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_8.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_9.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_10.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_11.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_12.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_13.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_14.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_15.JPG

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BMW Will Produce Mini Cars

The BMW officials decided to produce a mini car series for city. BMW will produce these cars at a reasonable price and for this, the Germans made a special department, named “Project I”, that will be responsible for the fezability studies and even for producing them.
This new small BMW will apparently measure 3.75 meters in length, be front-wheel drive and emit less than 100 grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometer.
“Project I” will also handle the mini class production with electrical and hybrid propulsion, that Germans will launch in USA 4 years from now.
I have to tell you that “Project I” will be independent from the BMW management and will have a big power of decisions. A BMW official declared that these mini models could wear BMW, Mini or even another mark name (under BMW directions).

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Concept cars 2007

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