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Dodge Viper- Record on Nurburgring

Americans have decided that after Corvette ZR1 recorded best time on the famous Nurburgring, after Nissan GT-R, the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR should be put on this circuit in Europe.
The journalists from Motortrend argue that, on august 18, the pilot Tom Coronel has come more tours on the Nurburgring. On the fourth ballot, the pilot established a time of only 7 minutes and 22.10 seconds, considerably better than the 7 minutes and 26.4 seconds set by Corvette ZR1.
It’s true that, while the ZR1 is a street car, the Viper SRT ACR 10 is basically a circuit car, but which is homologated for traffic on public roads. SRT10 ACR has the same huge V10 engine of 8.4 liters and SRT10, maximum power is 600 HP. ACR version is more comfortable but has better suspensions, brakes and clutch race. The model that was on the Nurburgring was a “series model”, if one can say so in circumstances in which SRT10 ACR is a car developed for racing.

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Hamilton – Real Winner at Hockenheim

The British pilot, Lewis Hamilton won the Sunday, the German Grand Prix dominating the authoritarian from the beginning until the very end race hosted by the Hockenheim circuit. The podium was completed Brazilians Nelson Piquet (Renault) and Felipe Massa (Ferrari).
Being in pole position at start, Lewis Hamilton has controlled the race from the first since Hockenheim at the end of the pilot whose McLaren-Mercedes team have an advance over two seconds in front of Felipe Massa, or main rival in the battle for world title.
The British continued to force, correcting several times best time in race to assign boss after the first scheduled at entrances stands. Hamilton returns to management after the first row of scheduled stops, Massa following its difference from a new second.

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Lewis Hamilton at 196 km/h

I bet that reading the title it seams to be something normal.
Well, I think I should say that he was sanctioned by French police officers, because 196 km/h was the speed used on highway.
After Schumacher, another Formula 1 pilot had problems with the police, by speed exceeding. Lewis Hamilton, the British pilot that was at one step to win the Formula 1 title, this year, was catch by radar, on a highway from France with 196 km/h, where the limit was of 130 km/h.
Hamilton was driving a Mercedes CLK (I don’t think that he can drive something else than a Mercedes) and was receiving a fine of €600, but he is now without his driving license, for 30 days.
A French police representing officer said that Hamilton was coopering and willing when they stopped him and fined him.

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BMW 330i without pilot

In a recent Top Gear episode, Jeremy Clarkson presented the car that drives itself: BMW 330i.
We all know that many have tried, until now to make a car that can run by itself, without any driver intervention, but for many times they’ve failed.
Anyway, BMW shows that it has reached a higher technology level, that permit to the car to “run” alone, without being driven by someone.
The Germans gave the car for test to Top Gear and they have tested it on a race track.
And, it’s not only that it run on a normal road, it really can be used in circuit, it is able to make powerful acceleration and fast brakes.
The sensation must be amazing, because I think is quite hard to know that you don’t have to drive it… and to see it at big speed, by itself. Really amazing car, don’t you think?

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Citroen C3 Picasso- The Magic Box

Citroen C3 Picasso will be presented at Paris Motor Show in 2009 and it seems that will offer more creativity than the previous model. The new model seems to impress by its innovative design and amazing technology.
Citroen C3 Picasso has a pure and functional body styling which expresses its fundamental purpose, that is passenger comfort at all times in all situations.
I bet you are interested in new Picasso’s dimensions, so I won’t let you wait too long: the car is 4.08 m long, 1.62 m high and 1.73 wide.
Depending on the level of trim and the engine, the C3 Picasso comes with 15-inch wheels and 195/60 R15 Michelin Energy Saver tires, 16-inch wheels with 195/55 R16 Michelin Energy Savers, or 17-inch wheels with 205/45 R17 Michelin Pilot Exalto 2.
What really impresses me is that the C3 Picasso is also fitted with a range of high-performance, economical engines: 2 new generation petrol units – the VTi 95 and VTi 120 – and 2 diesel models, the HDi 90 and HDi 110 DPFS, renowned for their driving pleasure and efficiency.

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A1GP drag races a Boeing 777

An A1GP race car recently took on a Boeing 777-200ER at the Auckland International Airport and the results were quite even to say the least.
The showdown took place on the runway at Auckland International Airport between Kiwi racer Jonny Reid and Air New Zealand pilot Dave Morgan as a publicity event to promote the A1GP races in Taupo, New Zealand this coming weekend.

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