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Ferrari F430 Scuderia revealed

Wow! This was my first impression when I’ve seen the very special F430 Scuderia from Prancing Horse.
Amazing look, powerful engine at 4.3 liter V8 tuned to produce 510 bhp (at 8,500 rpm). That means it has with 20 bhp more than the standard F430, but the effect is outstanding, because the Scuderia model is with 100 kg less weighting. The model is using hi tech lightweight materials for the exterior and carbon fiber in the GT racer style interior. Scuderia has also a 599 style traction control system, which incorporates the E-Diff, stability control in a single system and F1-Trac traction.

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Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 is from the generation of Ferrari 8-cylinder models. This car takes Ferrari’s extraordinary achievements with aluminium technology, begun with the 360 Modena, to a whole new level, and offers a series of extremely significant innovations directly derived from the Ferrari Formula 1 single-seaters.

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Ferrari F430 twin supercharged

All my attention is now to the German tuning industry that is not concerning about Mercedes or BMW, because now they are turning their concentration to the Italian motor industry. Novitec Rosso has build a solid reputation for its quality of their turbo and supercharged engines for Alfa Romeo, but now they are on the Ferrari F430 and turned up the wick by strapping on a couple of superchargers.

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Top Gear – Ferrari F430

Another amazing video from Top Gear, presenting a Ferrari F430 that is being pushed to the limit. Although the video is quite long (almost 10 min), I’ve enjoyed so much watching it!

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Ferrari is developing a driver selectable

Ferrari is developing a driver selectable all-wheel-drive system it calls “insertable 4×4”

The company admits that the bad combination of lots of torque, wide tyres and rear-wheel drive can be dangerous in poor conditions.

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Ferrari 430 Scuderia tested by Car Magazine

The Car Magazine had the great chance to test the new Ferrari 430 Scuderia. This was launched this year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Michael Schumacher being the one who officiated to the unveiling ceremony.
And that is not the only thing Schumacher did for this Ferrari, he also helped on its development.
430 Scuderia is with 100 kg lighter than the standard model, and the V8 engine develops 520 hp at 8,500 rpm. The balance between the weight and power is of 2.45 kg/hp and the changing of gear shifts it’s made in just 60 mili-seconds. Amazing, huh?

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