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BMW 3 Series Cabrio by Hamann

The German tuning company, Hamann created a tuning packager for the 3 Series Cabrio model from BMW.

For the available engines are obtained by optimization of the ECU maps, the next raises:
– for 320i: +10 hp, +10 Nm, 233 km/h;
– for 325i: +13 hp, +25 Nm, 250 km/h;
– for 330i: +17 hp, +25 Nm, 265 km/h;
– for 335i: +37 hp, 279 km/h;
– for 330d: 272 hp, 600 Nm, 256 km/h.

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BMW Z4 facelift

A prototype or the BMW Z4 was spied on Munchen streets, although, initially, we though this European car is a model for a cabrio, which will compete with Mercedes SL. Z4 Cabrio facelift will be presented at Geneva Auto Show next year and will come to showrooms, in the second part, next year. Being just a facelift, the car will have another size, comparative with the actual model; will be presented in a bigger size, which will be like the CS Concept. Meanwhile, the back will be ball-shaped and will have different drawn lights. After Z4 Cabrio, BMW will make changes for a Coupe model, but the big news is about the possibility of putting the 420 hp, V8 engine on M Coupe. This will make the model in a great rival for important cars, even for Porsche Carrera.

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ACS3 3.5 Cabrio by AC Schnitzer

The new tuning package ACS3 realized by AC Schnitzer for the BMW 3 Series, in the cabrio variant, includes the following elements:
~ aerodynamic kit made by front spoiler, lateral doorsteps and back spoiler;
~ AC Schnitzer silver rims, “Type IV” or “Type IV BiColor”;
~ AC Schnitzer evacuation with two chrome exhaust pipes with “Racing” terminations;
~ “performance kit” – is still in tests for the 335i engine (they didn’t announced yet the power rises); it is available for the 330d engine, under the name “Power-Plus pack”, which rise the power from 231 to 265 hp;
~ suspension with “Racing” technology, which is also in tests.
ACS3 3.5 Cabrio by AC Schnitzer

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BMW will launch 3 Series Cabrio in 2007

After launching the last Coupe, BMW don’t waste its time and it’s preparing for a new launching, at least as important as it was the last one.

BMW will launch 3 Series Cabrio in 2007

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BMW 330i without pilot

In a recent Top Gear episode, Jeremy Clarkson presented the car that drives itself: BMW 330i.
We all know that many have tried, until now to make a car that can run by itself, without any driver intervention, but for many times they’ve failed.
Anyway, BMW shows that it has reached a higher technology level, that permit to the car to “run” alone, without being driven by someone.
The Germans gave the car for test to Top Gear and they have tested it on a race track.
And, it’s not only that it run on a normal road, it really can be used in circuit, it is able to make powerful acceleration and fast brakes.
The sensation must be amazing, because I think is quite hard to know that you don’t have to drive it… and to see it at big speed, by itself. Really amazing car, don’t you think?

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BMW tuning presentation video

After I presented de new 3 Series Cabrio from BMW, that will be launched in 2007, I thought that I must post some cool video presenting BMW tuning! Hope you like it!

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