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BMW M5 + 1

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BMW M5 6 speeds
Without any extra pay, starting with next year you can command your BMW M5 with manual transmission gear box, with 6 speeds. This super German car was available, since its beginning, only with a sequential transmission (called SMG) with 7 stages, this being a complain reason for the fans. The official explanation was not good: because of its power generated by the huge V10 (5 litres), speeds diagram was very complicated, and it couldn’t be put on a manual variant. It is funny to think that the Americans made the biggest noise! 🙂 Eventually, the Germans renounced at one step and created a gear box which can satisfy any request! With richer equipment, the care is available over the Ocean, starting at €64,892.
BMW M5 + 1

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BMW M3 2007 Concept Car

BMW has presented the next generation of the M3 Coupe at Geneva Motor Show. A stunning concept, the BMW M3 has a V8 engine but neither the HP nor the torque are known. It’s known only the fact that it will be more powerfull than the previous straight six-cylinder used engine.

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BMW Recycling and Disassembly Center

BMW Group had already opened the doors to its Recycling and Disassembly Center (RDC) in 1990, long before the German Government had changed its policies about recycling.

BMW Recycling and Disassembly Center

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The new M3 sedan

New photos available with the new M3 sedan.From the front the car looks like an M3, with the front bumper specially made for the M cars and big air dam.The headlights are also changed with a new look just like the new BMW 3 series coupe.Althought the car is now a prototype it starting to look like an M3 but more other body elements are expected from BMW.
bmw_2.jpg bmw_1.jpg

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The New BMW 3 Series-Gallery

The brand new 3 Series sedan from BMW has just been launched and is expected to be on the international market in February 2012. Although the sixth generation 3 series F30 has grown in size offering a slightly longer wheelbase, a wider track and some extra rear legroom, BMW are adamant that the new model is up to 45kg lighter than its predecessor, depending on the engine of course.

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Hyundai Coupe 2.7i V6 Auto (coupe 3-dr automatic)

You can’t find any coupe under £20,000, that’s for sure! Hyundai offers its fine coupe. This model with a 2.7 V6 engine can show a great performance.

Specification of this car:
Engine: 2.7 L V6
Cc: 2,656
Maximum power kW: 123
Maximum power hp/PS: 165
Transmission type: automatic

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