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BMW Gina from Textile Material

BMW launched, after teasing a period longer than one month, the concept GINA Light Visionary, a convertible car with two seats and metallic structure made of flexible material covered with fabric. Thus, they allow the car to change shape.
An interesting thing is that the headlights are visible only when they are turn on, at that time the textile material is open, similar to the eye movement.
I believe that BMW has called on textile material as a response to the fact that textiles are produced at very low prices in China. What do you think?

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BMW a live legend – Part 3

3/20 PS: First real BMW

First real BMW car was launched in 1932. 3/20 PS was launched with a 2 doors closed body like a break model and convertible with 4 seats. The new car had almost nothing in commune with Dixi.

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BMW vs. ZAporojets

Street race video presenting the race between BMW and an old ZAporojets.

BMW vs. ZAporojets

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Mercedes with BMW engines

Everybody knows that BMW is producing the most powerful and performing engines from the entire world, and to salute this performance, the concurrent mark director, Dieter Zetsche declared that the Mercedes mark is open to a eventual collaboration with the Bavarians from the BMW. Zesche declared that Mercedes could collaborate with BMW if they will get to consent, financially speaking, and if they will build a viable strategy for both marks. In an interview realized by Der Spiegel, Zetsche told that the same collaboration is happening between Porsche and Volkswagen. The model named is the successful SUV, Cayenne, which is building starting from the VW Touareg and it is using engines produced by Volkswagen.
According to a report, Daimler is in some discussion with big car marks, but for now there is no final decision.

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BMW M3 review

BMW M3 is a new “miracle” from BMW. And “M” stands for two things: speed and handling. This is the new £50,000 BMW M3, the most exciting car launched this year. The magic starts with the new bigger 4 liter V8, that somehow they’ve manage to make lighter than the old 6 cylinder engine. It produces 420 horsepower. And if that worries you, it shouldn’t because it is greener and more economical. The M3’s engine is the most advanced road engine in the World. With 20% more power and performance, the V8 is giving to M3 more than you can explore. You can accelerate with it from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds. That’s quicker than a Porsche 911 and is exactly like the Audi RS4, its rival. To have more power, just press the button “Power” and you will get what you want. To see more of the car’s settings, enjoy this video.

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BMW a live legend – Part 6

328: A sport car becoming a legend

Although 326 was nearly launched, on Nurburgring track, on 14th June was presented the new 328. This sport car was a real success to BMW. Shortly after its presentation the car was in top of its class, surpassing its powerful rivals. A 80 hp maximum power and a weight of 830 kg were making this elegant model to develop an impressive power.


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