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BMW M3 Sedan

BMW presented second version of sporty M3 Sedan, which competes against Audi RS4.
From all four BMW M3 generation, offered until now, only two had made in Sedan version: second and the actual one.
BMW wants to offer models for a higher market segment and to make more clients for this new model.
BMW made few changes to its sporty model, enough to make Sedan lovers to turn their attention.
The engine will be a 4 liter V8, developing 420 hp at 8,300 rpm and 400 Nm at 3,900 rpm. M3 Sedan accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, with only 0.1 second less than the coupe.

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BMW a live legend – Part 2

First BMW produced in Berlin

BMW engineers developed a new body for the car, fully made-it by steel, also based on a small Rosengart car produced under license in France.


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Honda Civic tuning

Lamborghini Style Doors gives you wings…

honda-civic-lsd.jpg honda-civic-lsd_4.jpg honda-civic-lsd_3.jpg honda-civic-lsd_2.jpg

Honda Civic tuning

This is available especially when you are a Honda Civic… 🙂 Even if Honda Civic is not an obedient car, the Lamborghini Style Doors team has dowered this beauty with them well-known car doors to be even more spectacular. In addition, they mounted Lexor rims from Oxigin and sport suspensions from KW. See more on

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Chrysler 300 C tuning

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Engine tuning is the process by which we made adjustment or modification of the internal combustion engine to obtain the optimal performance. In this way, an engine’s durability, economy, work output may be increased.

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BMW 3 Series Breyton

bmw-3-series-breyton_6.jpg bmw-3-series-breyton_5.jpg bmw-3-series-breyton_3.jpg

BMW 3 Series Breyton comes now with 306 hp, because of a higher Cc, from 3.0 litres to 3.2 litres. The maximum torque is now of 347 Nm, and the top speed is 281 km/h. Information on

bmw-3-series-breyton_4.jpg bmw-3-series-breyton.jpg bmw-3-series-breyton_2.jpg

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