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BMW Z4 facelift

A prototype or the BMW Z4 was spied on Munchen streets, although, initially, we though this European car is a model for a cabrio, which will compete with Mercedes SL. Z4 Cabrio facelift will be presented at Geneva Auto Show next year and will come to showrooms, in the second part, next year. Being just a facelift, the car will have another size, comparative with the actual model; will be presented in a bigger size, which will be like the CS Concept. Meanwhile, the back will be ball-shaped and will have different drawn lights. After Z4 Cabrio, BMW will make changes for a Coupe model, but the big news is about the possibility of putting the 420 hp, V8 engine on M Coupe. This will make the model in a great rival for important cars, even for Porsche Carrera.

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BMW M1 Facelift

BMW announced for a long time new and improved cars with totally different platform and performance. For a long time I’ve waited to see the new face of BMW, so I’m going to show you two photos of the new BMW M1.
BMW only just revealed a spiritual M1-like show car a few weeks back, a concept which raised more questions than it answered. This amazing car, spotted in an aircraft hanger in Spain, appears to closely follow the lines and proportions of both the show car and the 30 year-old classic.
What’s certain is that the photo is genuine. No amount of photoshop work could produce an image as consistent as this. The depth of the headlights, the shadows and contours of light over the body, and the relationship the car has with the background is solid and convincing.
BMW has remained typically silent about the photo, which, to be honest, is quite understandable. While it’s incredible news that BMW is about to take the R8 and 911 head on with a stunning modern-day M1, you’d have to feel for the team behind this project.

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Dacia Logan Facelift

Dacia Logan presented the changes that will make on the facelift version. It seems that Dacia has some problems with the internal security, because it doesn’t succeed to keep under secret the new models, versions and upgrades. Everybody is speaking about the facelift model of Logan, but, until soon nobody knew how it will look.
It seems that now, few members of Logan Club forum obtained first photos with the new Logan.
The new facelift isn’t that original, because it has many aspects from the Sandero, that was presented at this year Geneva Auto Show.
I have to say that I’m not too impressed!
I’m curious to find out your opinion: Do you like the new Dacia Logan Facelift?

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BMW 3 Series Facelift

In just a few days after he presented the top of the range – the model 7 Series – BMW disclose and applied facelift Series 3. The car has received substantial design changes, but the general picture remained about the same.
How car’s design class average was one appreciated from the very beginning – unlike criticism that started the current 5 Series – Germans have made changes carefully studied.
First, pay attention to the front. He received a capote with several ribs and a spoiler complete redrawn. The lower it received in May fluid lines, which are connected to the grid, and ventilation fans are higher, with a new design and spaces that uncover projectors.
Optical blocks were at least remade; the biggest change is – at their level – groups of LEDs that have replaced light classic signs. Even typical BMW grille seems larger and is at the top.
The side has not undergone many changes against the model now being seen in the side mirrors, which have a new design of the carcass.

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BMW X6- Spy pictures

The new and extraordinary crossover prototype of BMW X6 was photographed by spy cameraman. The BMW engineers tried to keep in secret the dimension of the photographed crossover. But, just looking at this beauty (as much as we can see) I can observe that it looks like Volkswagen Concept A. At the beginning, the spy didn’t know for sure what model it is, concerning the fact that a new prototype after X5 it’s building, the V5. But, V5 must be much bigger, because he is in the R Class from Mercedes Benz, and the car in the photo is not that big.

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Daily News

Here you can find what is happening in motor sport world: the UAW finally settles, Fernando Alonso leaves McLaren, the Alfa Romeo 8C drops its top and the new BMW M3 was catch with some spy photos.

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