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The 700 hp electrical car

The British car producers are about to produce the most powerful electrical car.
The Lightning Company from Great Britain is almost close to the series production of a car that will probably be the number one favorite car for ecological aspect lovers, but this car will not drop the dynamic aspects regarding a sport super car.
The British are working at this project for a long time and they will probably succeed. The Lightning GT will have an extraordinary new design and the performances will be completely new for an electrical car.
It will have four electrical engines that will be able to offer 700 hp and it will be charged with performing batteries. The Lighting GT accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and will reach a top speed of 210 km/h. There will also be available the base version with 650 hp that accelerates at 100 km/h in 5 seconds.
I can’t wait to see one of these on my roads!

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Ford Mustang spin

Ford Mustang spin in a police car chase! Great video!

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Tips for Installing the Turbo Kit

Do you know the ways to boost up the potentiality of your car? Here is a best way; you can opt for the turbo kits. This is in fact a very important aspect that many car owners usually neglect. So, one may someday ask himself/herself how to install a turbo kit in the auto mobile.  Thus, you can opt for the professional installer for installing the turbo kit or else you can opt for the self installation. If you will finally decide to do it yourself, you should know where the things are located at the engine of your automobile. You can finish the installation by sparing just 20- 25 hours. In some cases you have to spend an additional hours for installation of turbo kit depending on the turbo and the car. Consequently, make a deep and serious research before starting the process.

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Toyota Supra drifting

Incredible drifting made by Toyota Supra.

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Maxi Tuning Muscle Cars 2007

When you see a video like this you remain without words!

I don’t have to say that I like a lot the music and let’s not speak about the models!

Awesome tuning cars!

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The McLaren F1

Only 100 examples were ever made: 75 road cars and 25 racing versions. Most people never saw one in their entire life. The reality is that only few saw one and much less drive one. This is as exclusive as it gets. The first public unveiled was in 1992 in Monaco. Only the reach and famous were invited. And now is a tourist’s attraction in London Park Lane. It was amazing designed to have a center steering wheel, exactly as a Formula 1 car. To learn more interesting things about this car, watch the video.

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