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Superfast Terrain

Amazing super fast Terrain!

The tires seems to have extra deep tread, so they act like paddles on water and rough terrain like gravel. I think they can race this (or maybe they already did) against a jet-ski.

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What do u see?

Tell me what is wrong with this car???

And if I don’t ask to much, can you tell me what model is that? I’m to shocked to tell that.
6 wheels car

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BMW M 536 Turbo With 700+hp

For this great tuned BMW M536 I can only let you to watch the video! Enjoy!

Tags: cars, car videos, car tuning, BMW, BMW M536, hp

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Car crashes

These images are from cameras placed on Bulgaria, Sofia’s streets.
The accidents are quite shocking!

Sofia, Bulgaria- Car crash crossroads cameras

Tags: cars, car accidents, crash, Bulgaria, Sofia, cameras, shocking, car videos

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Rally Drifting 2

This is the second compilation presenting rally drifting. Great video compilation presenting rally drifting and what’s happening when you take the wrong way!

Rally Drifting 2

Tags: cars, rally, car race, rally drifting, car drifting, car videos

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4X4 Goes Up

I think it is a Ford Bronco, or maybe a Blazer the car in the video. It seems that he couldn’t handle the car brakes and it became one with the ground! I hope everything it’s cool now, for the driver!

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