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Ford Mustang chase

Amazing chase of Ford Mustang! Very funny policeman! 🙂

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Tesla Roadster with temporary transmissions

Tesla Roadster should be launched before the end of the year.
But it looks like the launch of the wicked-fast electric car will be postponed because the company is having some problems finding a transmission strong enough to handle gear shifts while the car runs at full torque.
In the meantime, the company is considering providing vehicles that feature “temporary” transmissions.
There is already one model built right now, but that one has been built for company chairman Elon Musk and Tesla is currently undecided whether to ship cars with the temporary units and then to replace them when a final transmission becomes available. I’m quite sure that a lot of people would buy this car no matter what transmission will it outfitted with.

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Saab Aero X Concept Car

The GM Europe Advanced Design Team’s partnership with the Innovation Team proved to be the essential success factor in the design of the Saab AeroX Concept Car. Various key features were executed with professionalism that not only stole the show at Geneva 2006, but will inspire Saab products for generations to come.
The Saab AeroX was voted ‘Best in Show’ in the Geneva Motor Show by Autoweek magazine, and has been nominated for a ‘Concept Award‘ by the prestigious Louis Vuitton Classic Awards. The Saab AeroX is regarded as one of the most innovative show cars and also the ‘greenest’ supercar concept, as its twin turbo E100 Biopower engine runs on 100% bio-ethanol.

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Top 10 Wrecked Police Cars

Everyday wee see crashed cars and many car accidents! Too many! But, when you see a police car that is wrecked, it is really very “interesting”! I’ve made a Top 10 with most interesting wrecked police cars, thanks to I hope you enjoy these pictures and I am waiting for more suggestions of your own!
No.1 Firs wrecked police car seems to be an optical illusion, because we think the rest of the car is still there.

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Ecological races- Aston Martin Vantage GT2

The British presented the Vantage GT2 race version. Aston Martin presented first official photos with the new Vantage GT2, version that will compete in Le Mans Series races, the championship that will debut on 5th of April, in Barcelona.
The engine that will be on this great and powerful car will work with E85 bio-fuel. Although the race will start soon, Aston Martin didn’t told too many about the Vantage GT2’s engine. Anyway, it’s good to know that the race cars will be more ecological.

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What do u see?

Tell me what is wrong with this car???

And if I don’t ask to much, can you tell me what model is that? I’m to shocked to tell that.
6 wheels car

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