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AC Schnitzer Concept Profile


AC Schnitzer wants to be taken in consideration, that’s why the German tuning company often delivers eye attraction loud concept colour schemes. So now, you can see the BMW Z4 M Coupe in 2 tone paint that can overall attention to details. The triple vents on the wide arch front wings are a deliberate homage to the classic BMW 507. This Z4 M Coupe hasn’t been known as a massive overdose of power, but a new active breathing airbox, sport exhaust with trapezoid tailpipes are replacing the stock M quad-exit setup. This is great for a tuner car and what is the best is the BMW’s 3.2 liter M Power straight 6, which is one of the finest things in the industry. It also improved the rear axle drive ratio to improve acceleration and this it will speed up gear changes and they removed the 155 mph speed limiter.

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Your first car

If you had your first car, or if you intend to have your first car, this article is for you!
Most of people develop a strong emotional attachment to their 1st car, one that endures long after that vehicle itself has floated off to the big scrap yard in the sky. To ensure that the emotions you feel when you think of your very first car are based on affection and not hatred or distrust, there are a few important issues that you need to take in consideration.
All car buying decisions, in the end, come down to money. Yeah, I bet you have big smile on your face, now!

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New Brabus tunning for Mercedes Benz M Class 1

BRABUS, purveyors of several of the finest tuning up  programs in world, have just released an update for their WIDESTAR M-Class tuning up bundle – one projected specifically for the invigorated new-generation ML. Same its precursors, the young BRABUS WIDESTAR is some five cm larger than the a conventional M-Class, the solution of which is some a more competitive position and better handling. To get the BRABUS WIDSTAR what it is, the company’s masterminds developed upon a amount of important areas: the face apron, the face and rear fender flashes, the door trim, the rocker boards and the rear apron. In tandem with these body parts, BRABUS as well changed the suspension, downward the ML by some 30 mm before adding 23-inch BRABUS forged wheels. Additional the outside box, a BRABUS stainless-steel quad sport exhaust system is present, as is a rear spoiler.

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Chevrolet Camaro tuning

Here you can see an interesting video offered by the Club the Fast and the Tuning. No comment, only waiting for your opinions.

Chevrolet Camaro tuning

Chevrolet Camaro tuning

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I wish I’ve bought- Lancia Delta Integrale

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Super Lamborghini track ready

I would love to have a standard Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 with its feral look, rocket style propulsion and hellish exhaust note. But, I heard that isn’t the last Lamborghini that you can currently buy. Or is it?

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