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Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Citroen Concepts

Citroen came to Frankfurt Motor Show 2007 with 2 concepts: one sublime and one ridiculous.
It is about the Citroen C-Cactus Concept and Citroen C5 Airscape Concept.

Citroen C-Cactus Concept
Citroen C-Cactus Concept
Citroen C-Cactus Concept
Citroen C-Cactus Concept
Citroen C-Cactus Concept

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Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Top 10 Concepts


1. Citroen C5 Airscape Concept

The French designer created C5 Airscape as a gorgeous cabriolet, that looks like a very expensive model and offer the taste of a future production car.

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Citroen C-Metisse Concept promotional video

This is Citroen C-Metisse Concept promotional video. C-Metisse looks very much like a space-ship, very futuristic and I’m sure you feel the same way… that it should go for production, not necessarily on series!

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A new car concept from Citroen- The Tubik Car



The French manufacturer, Citroen has adopted a new concept, named the Tubik concept, a modern take on the MPV, because Citroen considers that it is high time travel becomes semnificative again. To quote from what Citroen declared about this Tubik concept, this is “a high-tech executive shuttle based on one key idea: travel should be fun”. Inspiration for this futuristic car comes from the Type H or TUB, which actually means a front-wheel drive commercial vehicle in French language.

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Citroen C-Metisse

citroen-c-metisse_3.jpg citroen-c-metisse.jpg citroen-c-metisse_5.jpg

Citroen C-Metisse
Knight Rider would be much prouder if its Rolling Stock will have this beautiful concept. It is named “The Concept”, making the French school very proud and it is a dreaming car for every kid, and not only. It’s enough to see these Lamborghini Style Doors and makes you want and love this car. But things are getting more interesting. Its amazing design is completed with sport car performances (accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds), small pollution and also little consumption (6.3 litres at 100 km). Dimensions (length: 4.74 meters, width: 2.0 meters, high: 1.24 meters) and weight (1.4 tones) are tricky, because it creates the impression that you see a real coupe. But, the interior is built for 4 persons. Its eccentric design wasn’t influencing badly the aerodynamic with all new things that it has, the Cox coefficient is only 0.3, and that is excellent! “Back from the future” exterior is continued with the “galaxy” exploration from the interior.
citroen-c-metisse_2.jpg citroen-c-metisse_4.jpg citroen-c-metisse_6.jpg
Citroen C-Metisse has an unconventional propulsion system, containing the same HDi from C6 (V6, 2.7 litres, 208 hp) and 2 electrical engines that make the back wheels to keep on rolling. These 2 electrical engines develops (together) 20 hp, but the torque is higher, of 400 Nm! So, we have to see this concept only at Auto Shows, because I don’t think Citroen C-Metisse will be on our streets. But I surely want that! 🙂
citroen-c-metisse_7.jpg citroen-c-metisse_8.jpg citroen-c-metisse_9.jpg
citroen-c-metisse_10.jpg citroen-c-metisse_11.jpg citroen-c-metisse_12.jpg
Citroen C-Metisse

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Dancing car

Very funny remake of Citroen C4 dance advertising! Wait until the end! 🙂

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