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Smart Eleanor GT 50%

Eleanor FT 50% is a modified Smart by Thalondesign, having as inspiration source the Shelby GT500 Eleanor, from “Gone in 60 seconds” movie.
The changes made are only for the exterior, GT 50% having only 60 hp. A little bit disappointment, because the look is extraordinary.

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Nitrous Oxide Tuning

Before I start talking about “NOS” I must say few things: first of all, azoth oxide is not a fuel (you will see later); secondly- NOS. is not used correctly, because NOS is a name of a company. The correct term is “Nitrous Oxide”.

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Mitsubishi brings the new electric car called i-MiEV

Mitsubishi has announced that the new i MiEV electrical vehicle, already a hit in test drives and nearly needed in joint programs with power societies across the world, will be coming to the USA This move has going suggested at for a long-term while, but now we recognize for particular that the exciting jellybean, established on the “i” minicar, is approach.

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Hummer GT by Geigercar

Hummer GT by Geigercar
The german tuner, Geigercar managed to tune a Hummer H2 and they’ve called it the Hummer GT.Its big because its a Hummer, its powerful because its a Geigercar and most of all its mighty because its a tuned Hummer.The wheels used by the tuner are 30 inches alloy Leviathan’s.The big 6.0 liter engine has now recieved a supercharger and it developes 556 BHP.The exhaust system is all made from stainless steel and its very loud making the car impossible to miss.Another tuning element are the butterfly doors but the doors can alos be opened conventionnaly.
Hummer GT by Geigercar
The colour scheme used is orange/lightblue.The Hummer GT can now reach 60 MPH in just 7.9 seconds, with a whooping top speed of 225 KMH.The price matches the looks: 168.000$.

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BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit

The Brabus Company started to promote their new BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit that it is suitable for Mercedes E300 Bluetec and it can supply a power of 47 hp (35 kW). Not too bad, isn’t so?
The Mercedes E 300 BLUETEC with Brabus tuning stayed below permissible exhaust limits of EURO V by up to 65%.
The Brabus development team had made a special module for the electronic engine management system for Mercedes E300 Bluetec. BRABUS mapping is specifically calibrated to the environmentally friendly Bluetec concept that features an oxidation catalyst, particulate filter and Bluetec SCR catalyst.
If you are interested, you can buy this product for €1,790.

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How to Make your Car Invisible to Traffic Cameras

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