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Mustang tuning

mustang-bullit_3.jpg mustang-bullit_2.gif mustang-bullit.jpg

Mustang Bullit

Mustang owners of 1994-2004 period series, have now a better solution for back deck, an improvable brakes kit. This kit includes new discs, being available in both V6 engines versions and Mustang GT versions. This brake system is the same as for Bullit and Mach 1, from Mustang. The price in America is almost $500. See more details on
mustang-mach1_3.jpg mustang-mach1_2.jpg mustang-mach1.jpg

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BMW tuning pictures

The song is for little guys… but the cars are really for BIG BOYS! Enjoy amazing tuned BMW!

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Porsche Cayman tuning

porsche-cayman-strosek_3.jpg porsche-cayman-strosek_2.jpg porsche-cayman-strosek.jpg
Porsche Cayman tuning
Porsche Cayman can be customized with a little help from Strosek, that offers an aerodynamic kit, sport springs, which make the car smaller with 35 mm, entire suspension being adjusted after some tests on Nurburgring circuit. Characteristics: 19 or 20 inch rims, a performance kit that includes . The result is a 25 hp plus from the series version, the car getting to a 320 hp performance. See more on

Tags: cars, Porsche, Porsche Cayman, car tuning, Strosek, cars engines, aerodynamic kit, sport springs, sport air filter, metallic catalyst, sport evacuation, reprogrammed electronics, hp, Nurburgring, circuit

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Incredible car doors

These are the most incredible car door I’ve ever seen! This is awesome, don’t you think? Great tuning! 🙂

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Honda Civic tuning

Lamborghini Style Doors gives you wings…

honda-civic-lsd.jpg honda-civic-lsd_4.jpg honda-civic-lsd_3.jpg honda-civic-lsd_2.jpg

Honda Civic tuning

This is available especially when you are a Honda Civic… 🙂 Even if Honda Civic is not an obedient car, the Lamborghini Style Doors team has dowered this beauty with them well-known car doors to be even more spectacular. In addition, they mounted Lexor rims from Oxigin and sport suspensions from KW. See more on

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