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Mazda Hakaze Concept

Mazda came up with a new car concept, a compact crossover coupe with some of the roadsters styling. The new car, named Hakaze, it’s designed at Mazda’s European Design Center near Frankfurt, Germany. According to Mazda hakaze it’s going to be production ready in a short period of time.

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Mazda Ryuga Concept

Mazda Ryuga… a new model from Mazda. In Japanese, Ryuga means a delicate flower. This is the second concept realised by Mazda in only few weeks (after Nagare, exposed on LA Auto Salon). Like RX-8, which Ryuga looks very similar, by stile, this is a sport car with 4 places, places where you can get through 2 doors, which are opening up, the same like seagull wings (I guess that’s why they call these doors “gull-wing doors” :)). I’ve noticed the rims designs, with spokes that are in turned, like they are manipulated by a very big centrifugal action.

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Mazda Kazamai – Special for Russia

Mazda will introduce the Auto Salon in Moscow a new concept which pictures a possible crossover from the constructor. The name of the concept – Kazamai – should sound very well for the Russians and perhaps this idea has already been chosen, given that the design is developed specifically for this market.
Why was this concept for the Russian public in particular? Mazda says the joint press that Russia is one of the markets with the greatest growth in Europe – between the time Russia has already achieved the largest auto market in Europe after Germany competed, the leader until now – and the SUV are very appreciated by the Russians (such sales constitute about 20% of total).

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Mazda SUV News

Mazda is preparing a compact SUV, which will appear under CX-7 model.
With this new model, a concept that we will see next year, on Paris Auto Show, Mazda want to address to people that appreciates safety and the higher position offered by a SUV, and that aren’t interested to have full traction.
So, it is possible that the compact SUV that the Japanese are preparing to be only with rear traction and the technical platform to be the one from MX-5 roadster.

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Mazda Taiki

Mazda Taiki is a sport car which visually expresses the atmosphere, called “taiki” in Japanese that offers to the environment a lot of protection.
The concept is giving a front engine rear- wheel drive layout and the feeling of an all-glass canopy. The Mazda Taiki made its debut appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show. The fourth concept car in the Nagare design theme series, Taiki continues the evolution from the Mazda Nagare, Mazda Ryuga, and Mazda Hakaze.
The creation of an amazing design that visually expresses the flow of air was inspired by the image of a pair of Hagoromo. Sourceare the flowing robes, from a Japanese legend, that can enable a celestial maiden to fly.

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Mazda Furai

It seems that Mazda Furai is built up on a Courage chassis that Mazda ran in the American Le Mans Series a few seasons back. But wait, it gets better. How about a three rotor Wankel punching out around 450 HP. And it runs on 100% ethanol. It is not a perfect car, some of the detailing around the rear wheels is clunky and there seems to be an over usage of gills & frills and various marine life-form, etc; but it looks very nice.
It will probably never see the street or production, but if I was the guys from Polyphonic Digital, I’d get a version of this into Gran Turismo now.

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