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Ford Focus RS of 300 CP

Ford introduced the first pictures and information about Focus RS, most sports Focus model range.
Looking forward by all fans, the new Focus RS was officially presented before the onset Auto Fair from London. After more spy pictures after a “preview” the official car on the Nurburgring circuit, the Focus RS is now presented in detail. This is a way of saying that even if Ford gives some figures on performance, said that the car continued development, so it’s possible that the figures announced now to be improved in the final product.
The car looks pretty much the opposite of Focus ST and can even say that the design is close discrete to the WRC cars, this impression is shown by the spoiler, aileron, speaker and air wheels. It is a design that will attract little attention in any environment, and part is that good design is supported by performance.
The engine is based on the same Focus ST. With 5 cylinders, 2.5 liters and supra-fueled, but as a result of changes suffered at electronics, admit, evacuation and develop turbine CP 300, against 225 HP delivers on how ST.
Ford engineers say that took a calculation system of hauling a fully pen RS, but in the end have chosen to be a car with traction front. There are two reasons. First, the RS is easier without hauling the whole system, and changes in the second row operate the train running and especially make possible transmitter efficient ground of 300 HP and 410 Nm.
So far nobody knows only that the car will reach 100 km / h in under 6 seconds (ST’s are 6.7 seconds), but exact figures will be communicated by Auto Fair from London. Focus RS will be available for sale at the beginning of next year.

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Renault presents new generation Symbol

The French manufacturer presented first photos of Clio sedan version. There were too many information, but those photos and we realize that many things have changed in approach, without (yet) the current generation Clio Symbol.
First, French have individualized the car. I mean the model is called Symbol (Thalia in some markets), not Clio Symbol. Secondly, the front of the car no longer similar to that of Clio – scale, optical blocks is others.
Renault Symbol will be presented at the first Auto Fair from Moscow, which opens its gates on 26 august. In this fall at the beginning of October begins Auto Salon in Paris, the French but have not chosen to present the world premiere car home and is understood. Clio Symbol is intended mainly to countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
The French not give exact details about engines. I say only that it will be more propellers, gas and diesel. The platform used the technique from the Symbol’s Clio II, not the current Clio.
Renault has not submitted any picture inside the whole (only watches with a book), so do not know yet how the new look of Symbol.

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Lotus Mastretta MXT

The Mexicans are not really found when it comes to auto manufacturers, but that does not make what they are proud. The Mastretta Design is a company that have not heard too many. This company is quite small and – local – is known for various automobile recreational, most products on the platform’s Beetle.
The Mexicans come now with something more original and quite seriously as a performance. It is the model MXT, which is working for some time and which is now close to serial production. Mastretta will submit the final version of the MXT Auto Fair from London and it seems that, even now, Mexicans have received several tens of orders in the UK.
MXT is a small car, built by the same recipe as Lotus Elise. Dimensions quite low, equipment is not easy and very powerful engine. Mastretta MXT uses a propellant of 2 liters, producing 240 HP and 250 Nm with a compressor. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h is estimated at less than 5 seconds and the maximum speed will be around 230 km / h.

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Volkswagen Eos open-up

Nice video presenting Volkswagen Eos open-up. It is a short video that presents advance technology used by Eos and its great functionality. I’m impressed about the lady in the car… she’s so obedient! 🙂 Don’t you think that, too?

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Top 10 Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most unlucky thing that it can happen by driving a car.
They are sometimes inevitable and the moments before they happen with the feeling of helplessness can be very terrifying. Unfortunately, lately the accidents are more and more, day by day. This Top is about to present you the most unlucky and unbelievable accidents.

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Car Destruction

Car Destruction in just 2 minutes. Poor car!

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